Door Features:

  • Both inward and outward swinging
  • 70-inch door stop gives the ability to pry a greater area both inward/outward swinging
  • Breaks down in five main parts for easy transport
  • Four (4) locks - two (2) primary, one (1) high, one (1) low
  • Drop bar prop 

  • Slotted holes make door adjustable

  • Diamond plate base for grip

  • Holes in base to anchor door to ground

  • No springs that will bend or break

  • Explosive/Mechanical Breach Door

  • Approximately 1300lbs. 


  • Custom powder coating available directly through manufacturer 
  • Metal wall
  • CNC explosive breach door sheet available directly through manufacturer 
  • Custom orders available directly through manufacturer 

Keep your door looking brand new

There is no doubt the Bear Training Solutions Tactical Door is built to outlast your career. We encourage you to train like the biggest emergency call of your life is tomorrow. Let us help you keep your investment looking brand new. Besides, parts can be replaced, lives cannot. 

Proudly manufactured in the USA