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Shot Gun Breaching Capabilities 

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Cut tree:

Be ready for any cut, any angle,  at any given time. Bear Training Solutions Cut Tree gives you ten (10) different cutting locations to take your skills to the next level. Accepts 3/8" to 1/2" rebar. See our pre-cut rebar package and get those sparks flying!

Steel Walls:

Not every door is in a location of ease. Obstacles are inevitable. Prepare yourself for recessed doors, hallways, and other obstructions with our STEEL Walls. With pre-drilled hole locations, you can remove the Cut Tree and mount either one or two walls to create the challenge you desire. 

Crush Slide: 

This vital piece to the Military/PD Breacher door allows you to use a variety of commercial or residential doors with the integrated crush prop. The Crush Slide is an adjustable part of the Crush Prop, accepting a precut metal or wood door ranging in widths from 24" to 36". We won't let the size of a door slow your training evolutions down. 

Keep your Door looking brand new:

There is no doubt the Bear Training Solutions Tactical Door is built to outlast your career. We encourage you to train like the biggest emergency call of your life is tomorrow. Let us help you keep your investment looking brand new. Besides, parts can be replaced, lives cannot.


Proudly Manufactured in the USA